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DTP tools


We can create up to 900 pagination rules. Rules are parameters applicable to how the elements will be positioned on the page and other specifications. Thanks to these rules we can create the best layout for your publication with total precision and accuracy. Our system processes the document and creates the best layout for every single chapter.


Sample 'rules' which are possible:

– item position: where to place objects (tables, photos, boxes) if on the top, on the bottom the page, outside or inside the page.

– caption position: where to place the caption (outside, inside, below, above the picture)

– the distance between text and items, stack elements, inline elements, footnotes, the tolerance between elements (0,001 mm), etc...


If you want a precise distance between 2 elements the tolerance is 0,001 mm you can specify a min and max value (range min and max). Every elements is placed nearest its reference on the text. You can read and see a very good layout from the first draft.


Frequently asked question:

"What's the difference between this system and traditional software (manual system as InDesign or QuarkXpress)?"


There are many differences.

1. With this system the computer paginates the layout and we control the layout to verify the quality. This process is efficient and precise.

2. With traditional software, every element has to be placed on the page one by one. This process is time consuming, more costly and isn't as precise.

3. With our system we can paginate quickly, accurately and even provide an alternative layout version if the the first version doesn't respect the goal.

4. With our system, it's possible to build a very complex index.



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