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DTP tools

Index and boolean expressions

We automatically tag the book using boolean expressions. You create a list of keywords and we elaborate the layout (book).


If you want to index every occurence about "Stan Lauren" and "Oliver Hardy" it is possible to tag every occurrence with this operator if they are on the same page regardless if there are 1-2 or more words between "Stan Lauren" and "Oliver Hardy".


With the or operator the system tags "Desert" or "Virginia" or both.

On this example the system indexes both and pages are 224-225.


It's possible to tag any word starting with, for example, the word "com" but not "composed": the system tags "comedy", "company" but not "composed".


It's possible to tag and translate the word. For example, if you want to tag "Babes in Toyland" but in the final index you'll have a custom word for example "Film".

only if

With this rule the system tags the keyword only if on the page there is a particular word or sentence. In this case "Oliver Hardy" is tagged if it appears on the same page with the text "Way Out West".


– You can use this index (or list) as a first draft to build and modify for the final index or use as the final version.



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