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With quick results, does this mean lower quality?

There's absolutely no sacrifice to quality and in fact, with our system, we can deliver more accurate and reliable layouts than previous manual methods. Providing quick service means = more time for you.

What is a "dynamic layout"?

It's a particular layout that is possible to paginate automatically with speed and with variations. For example, if the goal is 432 pages and the final book (or the 1st draft) has 459 pages, we can modify same parameters and paginate a shorter version layout.
Alternative layouts paginate at approximately 20-80 pages per hour depending on the complexity of the layout. Please view these examples below:
Simple layout (80 pages every hour)
Medium layout (40 pages every hour)
Complex layout (20 pages every hour)

Can we modify the native document?

Yes, with QuarkXpress 2015. Our system creates a fully editable XPress document. You can change and modify every element (text, picture, etc.).

We don't have XPress version 2015. Can you save document for Xpress 9, 8 or 7?

Yes. We can.

Is it possible to tag automatically the book and create the index?

Yes, our system tags automatically the book. We can start from a keywords list. To tag 1,000 pages takes 2-3 hours, otherwise we can tag index using a traditional slower method.

Our books have many pictures, tables and items. Does your system work with many elements on the page?

Yes, this system is the best solution for long books with many elements on the page. See an example book here.

What's the difference between traditional software for DTP and your Professional System Software?

With traditional software for DTP such as InDesign or QuarkXPress, every element must be placed on the page manually, one at a time. This is a laborious process which by nature is prone to errors and inaccuracies. With our system the process is streamlined, automated and quality checked to provide the highest level of precision.


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